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Ebury employs a unique business model for the FinTech industry. Instead of solely relying on inbound marketing to attract difficult to reach SME customers, Ebury makes outbound calls directly to potential clients.

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"The best outcome of the system is transparency across the sales estate. It’s easy to drop in and out of the call. It’s faster to educate and get junior sales teams up to scratch."

CTO, Ebury

Global Call Plan Features


This is a cost-effective way of providing 24x7, 'follow-the-sun' live assistance and making sure your customers speak to a local agent

High quality audio

Designing quality assured network paths for ‘fragile’ voice conversations in a cost-effective way takes thought, technical expertise and an iterative approach moving it into live production.

A centralised single view

Unlock a whole raft of useful functionality, courtesy of a single view and access to advisor status and availability, call plans, call recordings and operational statistics. In essence it’s about being able to run your whole estate from a single point of control.

Shorter wait times

Deliver shorter wait times to more customers at busy times, leveraging the peaks and troughs across different time zones and advisors. For example, your Boston advisors can help out when things get peaky in London and so forth. This makes for good customer experience, as does extending opening hours using the same planning technique, so you can now offer more availability without needing to add the cost of an extra shift.

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