What is IVR?

An interactive voice response, or IVR, is a technology enabling customers to interact with a computer through DTMF tones by pressing buttons on the telephone keypad - enabling you to route calls based on what you think your customers want.


“The IVR accounts for 27% of the total call experience. However, only 7% of organisations currently offer an IVR solution that delivers a better experience (CSAT) than their live agent experience.”

JD Power & Associates, 2013


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Intelligent IVR Features

Connect Salesforce CRM data to the IVR

Present flexible menu options to your inbound callers in your IVR based on any piece of information you have about them in Salesforce.

Automatically route calls to the owner of the case

What if you could give the caller the option of entering their existing case number, and even play a message saying "If you enter your case number now, we'll route your call to the agent who is handling your case"?

Manage inbound call traffic more effectively

The IVR can also be used to help even out the peaks and troughs. Offer your customers a call back service so they can avoid waiting. Seamlessly integrated with Salesforce, the callback request is routed to agents complete with all the customer information the agent needs.

Access to self-service options

The IVR gives callers a simple and intuitive way to help find answers themselves, along with the ability to be connected to a live agent. This makes it easier to handle larger call volumes without having to hire new staff and improves customer service by quickly routing calls to the right person or department.

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