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Recruitment Policy

NewVoiceMedia is an equal opportunities company: it does not discriminate on grounds of sexuality, gender, marital status, race, colour, ethnic or national origin, religion, age or disability. All employees have equality of opportunity in all aspects of their employment, including developing themselves and their careers. As a potential employee, you can expect decisions about recruitment and development to be made solely on the basis of personal ability and potential in relation to the needs of the job.

NewVoiceMedia is happy to be contacted by Recruitment Consultants and Agencies where we have specific vacancies. Please note however that the company has fixed T&C's of business that apply to recruitment and under no circumstances will NewVoiceMedia accept unsolicited CVs as an introduction to a particular candidate.

Intellectual Property

NewVoiceMedia is an innovator of Contact Center technology... we are creating a new way of operating a call center that dramatically reduces costs while boosting overall efficiency and caller satisfaction.

We protect our intellectual property. The name 'ContactWorld' is itself a registered trademark in the UK and Europe (OHIM), and we have many patents that are already in force or are pending.

Privacy and Data Protection

We at NewVoiceMedia respect the privacy of you, our customer, and take our responsibilities regarding the security of your information very seriously. NewVoiceMedia is committed to providing you with a professional, valuable and personalized service whilst safeguarding your privacy.

Our Privacy Policy has been created to explain to you the way in which NewVoiceMedia uses your personal data and includes the following:

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Registered Office

NewVoiceMedia is a Registered in England No: 3602868 VAT No. GB719 334626.

Registered Office: NewVoiceMedia Ltd, NewVoiceMedia House, Jays Close, Basingstoke, Hampshire, RG22 4BS, UK

Free Phone: 0800 280 2888

Talk to us 1 (855) 534 - 2888