NewVoiceMedia, a leading global provider of inside sales and contact center technology that helps businesses sell more, serve better and grow faster, today announced that BrightCurrent, the only retail sales agency dedicated exclusively to clean energy, has fully mobilized its team with ContactWorld for Sales. As a result of increased sales efficiency and improved pickup rates, BrightCurrent has expanded its team productivity to handle a 350 percent increase in lead volume.

NewVoiceMedia’s inside sales platform, ContactWorld for Sales, has helped BrightCurrent maintain a lean staffing model while improving its team performance. As a result of ContactWorld, BrightCurrent was able to improve its sales numbers to the following:

  • 40,000 outbound calls each year
  • Sales representatives’ calls per hour up 75%
  • Prospect call pick-up rate rises from 60% to 90%
  • 30 to 60 seconds saved per call
  • Conversion rate for calls to appointments up 5-8%

BrightCurrent has had such success with its newly implemented inside sales technology, that it has even started following up on web and phone leads for third-party companies. The clean energy company outsources its inside sales team to qualify and set appointments for a variety of sustainable vendors.

BrightCurrent’s Customer Quality Manager Troy Searcy said, “We’ve been using NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld solution for a few months now and can’t imagine going back; it’s been easy to onboard our reps and the productivity benefits are significant.”

“BrightCurrent has exemplified the inside sales model we intend to create for all of our customers,” said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia. “ContactWorld for Sales improves efficiency for inside sales teams and removes administrative burdens. As a result, companies can make more calls and close more deals in less time.”

For further information, download the case study.

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