NewVoiceMedia has passed the final stages of becoming PCI-DSS Compliant with the issuing of the certificate by the Qualified Security Assessor (QSA). It means that any contact centre wanting to become compliant themselves can use the NewVoiceMedia mid-call IVR solution to take card payments and just check a box in a self-assessment questionnaire to cut months of work and typically well over £20,000 in costs...

NewVoiceMedia has achieved the highest standard, Service Provider Level 1, which is needed for service providers handling over 300,000 transactions per year. The company reports that it already taking over £100,000 a day in transactions for just one of its customers.

The NewVoiceMedia PCI-DSS Mid-Call solution is invoked by the agent when a card payment is about to be made. After entering the payment details in a screenpop, the caller is passed to an automated IVRthat takes the card details, checks the card validity with the card company and then (if needed) returns the caller to an agent should anything go wrong. The agent will be able to see in a screenpop, for example, that the card had expired and talk to the caller. The solution allows recordings of the conversations to be made which is important for security and training purposes, but no recordings are made during the payment process itself, as is dictated by the standard. Also, full integration with any back office systems is made during the call, thus speeding up the entire process.

By implementing the NewVoiceMedia solution the majority of contact centres can just make a tick against a self-assessment form to state that they are using a PCI-DSS Compliant company to outsource the payment process. The largest operations, graded as Level 1 because they perform over 6,000,000 transactions a year, will still need to be assessed by a QSA, but the process will be far cheaper and simpler.


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