As businesses brace themselves for severe weather this week, many will be worrying again about how prepared they are for their staff to work from home if the weather closes in. Managers and sales staff are never usually the issue, since they often have laptops already, but what about contact centre and helpdesk staff?  Maintaining customer service will be all but impossible for most businesses in severe weather, because they can’t get their staff safely to the technology they need to do their jobs.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia a global provider of cloud contact centres said: “Businesses live and die by their ability to provide fast and effective sales and customer service - whatever the weather. This week, the pressure will be on for contact centres as more people work from home and make the most of it by calling their bank, electricity or energy provider. But just like the rest of the population, customer service staff will be unable to make it into the office and that will cause some managers to run around like headless chickens trying to manage resources and meet customers’ needs.  In this day and age, when virtually every home has internet access and a telephone there is no reason why this should continue to be a headache for businesses.  Rather than working out how to provide sufficient staff cover to handle calls and enquiries companies should think instead about bringing their contact centres into the 21st century. 

In fact, businesses no longer need to worry about where their agents are at all, providing they have access to the internet they can be logged on taking calls and their team leader can see exactly what is happening. Employers can offer a better work-life balance as a result, boosting morale and driving down staff turnover.”

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