NewVoiceMedia, the provider of enterprise class contact centres delivered via a true cloud model, has secured £2.5 million in a second round of funding from Notion Capital and Eden Ventures. Both firms have previously backed the UK-based company taking the total invested over the past 12 months to £6.0m, demonstrating the confidence that the investors have in NewVoiceMedia and cloud delivered services as a disruptive technology.

NewVoiceMedia has established itself as an agile cloud vendor and is building a reputation for high quality customer service and support. The company services 250 call centres around the globe with upwards of 3,000 agents making in excess of 100 million calls per year.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia stated, “The contact centre market has been dominated by on-premise technology and is on the cusp of a major transition to the cloud. The compelling arguments are just too strong to prevent this from happening. We are acquiring first time customers that would not consider an on-premise solution as well as customers who are either supplementing their in-house solution or transitioning their entire contact centre strategy to the cloud”.

Gartner Research is predicting that at least 75% of customers will use some form of SaaS application as part of their contact center solution by 2013, and that as early as next year, 40% of companies switching platform will select a cloud based service. Growth in the overall contact centre market is flat with all the excitement being provided by the cloud as a new delivery model, where CAGR is as high as 22.7%.

“The cloud is changing the way we communicate and share information and NewVoiceMedia’s contact centre solution is a great example of this,” said Mark Farmer, partner at Eden Ventures. “Customers have no up-front costs, can get up and running quickly without the need for on-premise hardware and software and operators can work from anywhere as part of a virtual team.”

NewVoiceMedia is revolutionising the traditional contact centre market in the same way as MessageLabs did in the anti-virus and Salesforce in the CRM market. The investment from Eden and Notion will help to drive this change.

“The cloud represents a generational shift in technology that we haven’t seen since the rise of the PC in the 90’s, driven by the demand for services that are not tethered to a particular device or location,” explains Chris Tottman partner at Notion Capital. “NewVoiceMedia is using the power of the cloud to provide a better alternative to traditional contact centre solutions that are all too often both expensive and complex.”  

“When we invested in NewVoiceMedia we saw a platform that had the potential to disrupt an industry that had been lacking in innovation for many years,” explains Mark Farmer, co-founder at Eden Ventures. “They are executing well, acquiring customers and partners and turning a compelling vision into reality. With this further investment behind them we are very excited about the growth opportunity that NewVoiceMedia represents.”

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