NewVoiceMedia’s charity foundation ‘Giving Voice’ is lending its support to getting families of armed forces personnel; service leavers and civilians within military communities, who frequently face barriers in maintaining sustainable employment, back into the workplace. Seen, a virtual business support service that employs members of the military community and civilians now has cutting edge cloud technology enabling their workforce to operate from anywhere.

Seen is a unique social enterprise, headquartered at its business incubation hub in Aldershot, Hampshire. It employs members of the military community, spouses and dependants of serving armed forces personnel; service leavers and civilians living within garrison towns, enabling them to find suitable work and overcome challenges that they often face when returning from service.

The Giving Voice foundation was set up to provide support for charitable organisations that need access to NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact centre technology as well as to provide opportunities for employees to utilise their skills in the support of charitable activities.

Seen’s team members of ex-military or armed forces dependants, are trained to a high standard in call handling, book keeping, administration and receptionist services. They are able to work remotely in their specialised discipline, using ContactWorld to provide full integrated support for their clients. This unique business model means that Seen’s clients can be confident that they have support whenever it should be required, without the hassle of having to hire temporary staff. The Seen team members can work from any location they want, as long as they have a telephone line and an internet connection. This flexibility means that Seen team members, some of which are injured, sole carers, or have been relocated abroad, can work flexibly from home and Seen’s clients can increase or decrease the services they receive easily.

ContactWorld not only offers the ability to connect employees through the cloud, but it also offers enhanced call routing functionality, which enables Seen to seamlessly integrate its staff with its clients business call handling. Calls can also be recorded for monitoring purposes and call scripts can also be provided along with Customer Relationship Management information, so that the integration is efficient and professional. The user friendly aspect of ContactWorld meant that training time is reduced and team members are able to use the system with ease and confidence.

Director at Seen, Rachel Robertson, explained: “In order to overcome barriers faced by military families in maintaining sustainable employment we need to have systems that utilise cloud technology so that our employees could work for us from any location.”

“NewVoiceMedia offers us the best solution for our business requirements and they also have a charitable foundation which supports us throughout the process. This was an important aspect when choosing to work with NewVoiceMedia, along with the implementation of the system, because ContactWorld requires nothing more than a landline and internet connection we were able to keep costs low, which is important as we are a Community Interest Company that relies on donations.”

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia added, “For NewVoiceMedia it is great to see the NewVoiceMedia Foundation helping start up enterprises, such as Seen, where a difference can be made to the lives of the servicemen and women who serve our country and the families who support them. We are also pleased that ContactWorld has enabled smaller businesses and start-ups to benefit from professional services that are integrated remotely, cutting costs and providing support to help them grow too.”

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