New intelligent routing patent gives customers the answers they need through personalised messaging system.

The customer experience is about to change for the better and this time it’s personalised, following NewVoiceMedia’s latest patent award. The new technology enables organisations to deliver personal recorded messages to customers the moment they phone the business, based on the customer’s previous engagement with the business. The intelligent routing technology can deliver answers, serve an upsell message, provide personalised IVR menus or provide a holding message specifically for the caller before intelligently routing the call to the appropriate agent, if necessary.

Traditionally, prior interactions with a company are never taken into account when a customer calls a service line, so regardless of whether you’ve just spent thousands of pounds and are just checking your order, or have had a previously poor experience, you’re expected to go through the same recorded messaging service as everyone else. This new technology will review previous caller experiences and serve a personal message or IVR menu that vastly improves the service they get.

Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia explains; "If I’ve ordered something online such as clothes and phone up within a couple days, the chances are I’m checking on the delivery status of that order or want to make a change. Wouldn’t it be great if I could just have the appropriate information served to me without going through the usual process of pressing buttons and waiting on hold as I get my call routed to an agent? This new technology will intelligently select the most appropriate message to deliver to customers based on their history. So if I’ve just placed a clothes order online, the technology will recognise this and tell me where my delivery is or offer an option to amend my order. It’s the right message for me and makes my experience a more efficient and personalised one. What’s more, agents are freed up and can spend more time focusing on more complex enquiries or handling new business."

"As well as enabling a better customer experience, the personalised messaging service can be used effectively to deliver targeted upsell messages. By using the caller’s ID to identify previous buying patterns and engagement history, a message can be delivered to upsell products and services specifically related to that customer."

Richard Pickering, co-founder of NewVoiceMedia added; "We’re absolutely thrilled to be awarded this patent, and because we’re completely cloud based and multi-tenant, we can make this technology available to every single customer; the benefits of which are  astounding. We trialled our technology with a major fast-food delivery service and found that as a result of serving personalised upsell messages, sales increased by over 6% . If this was rolled out across all the delivery outlets, the positive impact on the top and bottom line would be huge."

Interactive Voice Response (IVR) technology has traditionally been seen as a barrier to personal customer service, but now businesses of all sizes can make use of NewVoiceMedia’s new patented service to turn IVR menus into a personalised tool that can enhance the customer experience, maximise the productivity of agents and improve sales revenues.

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