Health and social care recruitment specialist Advantage Healthcare Group is delivering an out-of-hours service to clients and agency staff with a cloud-based telephony solution from NewVoiceMedia.

The NewVoiceMedia telephony solution, ContactWorld for Salesforce, enables Advantage Healthcare to manage out-of-hours telephone enquiries to its 24 branches nationwide. The solution will automatically re-route calls to the Telford head office and direct each call to the relevant handler. By ensuring that calls are dealt with by the agency’s own expert staff, Advantage Healthcare can provide clients with a fast and personalised response and improve overall service levels.

The functionality of the NewVoiceMedia solution and its out-of-the-box integration with the Group’s existing CRM software (Salesforce) means that call handlers will see a screen pop providing all the information about the caller in one place. Agents will instantly know which branch each call originates from and can quickly respond to the individual caller according to their particular needs. If a specific agent has previously been dealing with a client, the application, ContactWorld for Salesforce, ensures the client’s call will be routed to the same agent.

Integration with the NewVoiceMedia softphone means that the agent can return the client’s call at the touch of a button using click-to-dial capabilities, providing a simple and streamlined call management system for the agent to use.

"We provide a 24/7 healthcare service to our clients, so it’s particularly important that we can manage enquiries effectively outside normal office hours" explains Dawn Lee, Process Implementation Manager, Advantage Healthcare.

“Bringing this function in-house gives us greater control over a critical aspect of our service.  The virtual nature of the NewVoiceMedia solution gives us the flexibility to do this at a highly affordable cost. We were especially pleased with the speed by which NewVoiceMedia was able to provide the solution.

Paul Turner NewVoiceMedia COO, says: “Many companies have started to see the benefits of cloud-based IT solutions, but few realise that similar efficiencies can be achieved in telephony. It offers flexibility at a fraction of the cost of traditional technology, and as well as the ability to integrate with a CRM solution like Salesforce."

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