Lumesse, a global leader in integrated talent management solutions, has selected NewVoiceMedia to revolutionise its international customer support service, enabling global visibility of call handling as well as case based routing, product and language specific agent selection, and Salesforce integration.

Lumesse is ‘the only global company making talent management work locally’. As part of its commitment to giving its 2,000 customers a superb experience wherever they are located, Lumesse wanted to provide a seamless global customer support service from four key support centres based in China, USA, UK and Poland.

Lumesse chose ContactWorld for Salesforce because it’s functionality as a genuine browser-based cloud platform meant that to use the service all agents needed was a telephone line and an Internet connection. What’s more, because of the platform being purely cloud based, Lumesse can now access all global call analytics and data from any location, in real time.

Intelligent call and case-based routing also enabled Lumesse to provide a truly local service as customers are now routed to appropriate agents based on their chosen language, product and previous engagement with the company.

"Because we are a global business with a local focus we needed a solution that was going to connect all of our national and international agents, provide worldwide visibility and seamlessly integrate with our existing Salesforce service. Now, we can see exactly how calls are being handled regardless of whether the agent is in the UK, Poland, China or the USA. Also, when a customer rings our technical support line we want them to be recognised and routed to the right person even before the agent has picked up the phone"

"By having a cloud based service that has intelligent routing at the heart of it, our customers will experience a more joined up and personal service. Building great relationships with our customers is paramount to our service, so it makes sense to deliver a unique experience via our customer support team,” said Carole Pitts, Head of Global Customer Support, Lumesse.

As well as giving customers access to the right agents whenever they call, the new system was also able to integrate fully with the existing Salesforce database at Lumesse, as well as provide integration to the new Service Cloud functionality.

"Ripping out and replacing existing infrastructure would not have been an option for us - we needed something that would slot in perfectly into our existing Salesforce system. The new ContactWorld service has not only enabled our agents to continue using their familiar systems with added functionality, but it has also given us the opportunity to make use of the Service Cloud which can deliver a truly unique experience to the customer via apps, social media and the web," Pitts added.

"It’s trailblazing organisations such as Lumesse that are recognising the fact that delivering a connected and ultimately better customer experience over the phone is critical to building relationships with more demanding and sophisticated customers. By taking its customer support infrastructure to the cloud, Lumesse is able to provide a unique and more personal service to its customers," said Jonathan Gale, CEO of NewVoiceMedia.

"Those organisations that are neglecting their voice channels and not taking advantage of the very latest technology will find that they are one step behind the competition. People want to be dealt with as individuals, not as part of the masses, implementing technology that treats every call differently and routes each one to the appropriate place will make the difference between just another customer and a long standing deeper relationship," concluded Gale.

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