Signalling Solutions, a joint venture between Balfour Beatty Rail and Alstom Transport Information Solutions, has selected ContactWorld for Salesforce, from  NewVoiceMedia, to provide an integrated telephony solution for its new dedicated customer services department. 

The company offers turnkey solutions to the rail industry’s train control and resignalling markets. Signalling Solutions provides its customers with support at every stage of their assets’ life cycle – from early feasibility studies, option selection and scheme design to implementation, delivery strategies, product supply, training and after sales customer support.

Signalling Solutions has been a Salesforce customer since October 09, using the CRM tool to manage their customer database and maintain live information on all business leads, opportunites, tenders, etc. However, with a growing demand for a dedicated customer service team, it was recognised that a system that would offer a uniform process for supporting customers would be needed.  The company needed a solution that would fit with their business. 

”Previously, if a customer called into our office with an issue they could speak with one of a number of people - each of whom may handle the call in a different way. There was no real consistency in the service we provided,” explains Gary Lewis, product business manager at Signalling Solutions.

“As a company we had been discussing the need to address ‘customer services’ for a while, but didn’t really know where to start in terms of supporting technology requirements. We  attended an event in London where we saw a demonstration of ContactWorld for Salesforce and a presentation by Wokingham Direct, an existing ContactWorld customer,  and realised this presented an ideal solution to our needs.”
As part of the project to create a dedicated customer service team, Signalling Solutions will use ContactWorld for Salesforce to establish a single department that handles any incoming customer service call from clients, ensuring they speak to the same agents and get the same quality of service. ContactWorld for Salesforce is fully integrated into Salesforce CRM, so Signalling Solutions employees get instant access to all relevant  information about a caller enabling them to respond efficiently, effectively and appropriately. 

Jonathan Grant, CEO at NewVoiceMedia, concludes: “The problem which Signalling Solutions faced is not uncommon among UK businesses. They appreciate the business benefits of cloud computing and welcome the opportunity to effortlessly combine their CRM and their telephony system to provide seamless customer service which is cost-effective, easy to manage and, more importantly, adds real business value.”

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