Customers calling service or help desks using ContactWorld for Salesforce® from NewVoiceMedia will now receive an even better level of service.

The new case-based routing feature (a dynamic call-routing option) allows customers to quickly re-engage with the support agent or engineer that was handling their case rather than a generic support handling team.

This represents a significantly improved experience for both the customer and the agent and will set the standard for the customer-driven contact center environment.

To route the call efficiently, the caller is asked to enter their existing case number and is then put through to the agent who is handling their case. If the agent is unavailable or already on a call, the customer is offered the opportunity to choose another action; either to hold for the agent, leave the agent a message or speak with someone else in the support team.

It's not just the customer that benefits here. Customer calls are routed to the agent with whom they already have a relationship with and who are therefore able to provide a more professional and personal level of service. Furthermore, the case details are popped onto the agent's screen so that they are ready to help when the call is connected, impoving the experience for the customer and increasing the chance of call resolution.

To find out more about maximizing the opportunity of inbound calling customers using ContactWorld for Salesforce® sign up to our webinar on Thursday 19th January at 1pm.

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