NewVoiceMedia has announced the world's first solution to prioritise and route calls accurately based upon the data stored within a business's Salesforce CRM records.

Delivered using cloud-based technology, Dynamic Routing in ContactWorld for Salesforce allows businesses to choose how to direct calls based on the business and the customer's specific needs.

Rather than treat all callers in a queue with the same importance, the solution provides a dynamic and intelligent resolution which delivers calls in the most efficient way. Driven via the custom and generic fields in Salesforce, users can manipulate data to direct the call to the most appropriate member of staff, based on internal processes of the business.

It also helps to reduce the costs to the call centre and improve the overall customer experience by increasing first call resolution. Specialist support is easily achieved by routing callers who have enquired about a specific product to a specialist agent.

Dynamic Routing in ContactWorld for Salesforce can also help increase sales by identifying callers who have previously received a quote and routing them directly to the sales team or specific agent or if they are a hot lead, give them higher priority in the queue. The technology can also recognise International callers and accurately route them to an agent who speaks their language for efficient call handling. At the other end of the spectrum, Dynamic Routing can ensure that incoming calls from customers who owe money are automatically routed to credit control.

"Consumers are increasingly impatient when contacting a business and if they feel frustrated while trying to get through are quite likely to look elsewhere. The days of consumers staying with a business based upon an early formed loyalty are long gone and it is essential that hot leads are given first class treatment," explains Paul Turner COO at NewVoiceMedia.

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