With this solution, SMEs can now deploy the same Caller-Centric capabilities in their contact centre that have only been available to the world's largest organizations up to now. All of this is delivered using cloud computing, a revolutionary new technology delivery model that allows companies to access applications over the Internet without having to buy, install or maintain hardware or software.

NewVoiceMedia's telephony capabilities are embedded directly into the console that customer service agents use with the Service Cloud, giving agents a single, easy to use interface to manage their calls and cases. To help manage the contact centre, supervisors can set-up call plans and graphically review real-time statistics for individual agents and the contact centre as a whole.

When a call comes in, the agent is instantly presented with the caller's contact details including their call history, purchasing profiles, and even any call recordings held on file. To help route the right call to the right agents, customer data held in salesforce.com is used to intelligently route inbound calls using skills-based routing scenarios. The intelligent routing rules can also route calls to the same agent to provide continuity of service; use value-based routing that recognises that callers are in different stages of a buying process; prioritise VIPs in any queue; or provide individual caller treatments such as targeted messaging to cross-sell and up-sell.

According to NewVoiceMedia CEO, Jonathan Grant, "This development enables contact centres of any size to take advantage of the advanced CTI capabilities that were only available to the largest call centres." Surveys show that only 20% of companies currently take advantage of the benefits of Computer Telephony Integration (CTI). Previously a company had to invest £50,000 or more in software and wait months for an army of system integrators to get everything to work. Now the same capability can be deployed in a matter of days for a low monthly fee starting from £25 per agent.

Tim Barker, EMEA Product Marketing Director at salesforce.com, added "Ten years ago, salesforce.com set out to transform the CRM market by using the power of the Internet to deliver business applications in the Cloud. Today, over 60,000 companies use Salesforce CRM to run their customer service, sales and marketing operations. This integration extends the 80+ CTI integrations available on the Force.com AppExchange, with a pure cloud-based offering that helps companies manage their costs and their customers."

About the new service
When a call comes in the agent is instantly presented with the caller's contact details, call history, purchasing profiles... More importantly, customer data held in salesforce.com can be used to intelligently route calls to the most appropriate agent or team. This represents a dramatic improvement in efficiency and helps to improve the overall caller experience.

  • No hardware or software required, you just pay a low monthly fee per user (SaaS business model)
  • Deployed in days and scalable from 1 to 1000+ users
  • Configurable over the web, even by non-technical staff
  • Integrated agent user interface – no switching between applications, e.g. outbound calls are just click-to-dial
  • Incoming call automatically pops customer contact information held in salesforce.com before call is placed
  • Customer-centric call treatments such as value-based routing, service-level routing, lifecycle routing, targeted messaging

Application: Customer Service Centres
Salesforce CRM enables help desks and customer service centres to streamline their operations... and there's no need to raise CapEx or spend months getting everything to work!

For example, customers with a 'Gold level' service entitlement can be automatically prioritised and routed to the experts in the Gold service team - callers with an open case can be routed back to the same service agent; Bronze level customers can be asked to leave a voicemail if out of hours or invited to immediately upgrade to a better service level. New customers can be directed to a lower skilled group or outsourced service agency because the call probably concerns a standard installation problem – this ensures that your skilled staff are not dealing with trivial calls.

The agent's salesforce.com screen is automatically loaded with the caller's contact details and associated service needs and case management history. It's easy to incorporate problem diagnosis scripts too.

  • Service entitlement routing prioritises callers according to needs and/or contracted level of service
  • Salesforce.com case management tools track progress
  • Ideal for homeworking and virtual team operations
  • Call recording and remote agent monitoring for training purposes

Application: Sales Contact Centres
Imagine this scenario: before a call is even put through you've identified the caller, discovered that he or she was quoted yesterday and has accumulated loyalty card points showing they are a big spender. Let's give them a brief on-hold message that advertises the product they are interested in, prioritise them in any queue, then route them either back to the same agent they spoke to yesterday, or to a specialist agent with honed closing skills... I's all achievable by Salesforce CRM!

When the call is put through, the agent's screen will already be showing everything that is needed to help close the sale, while any wrap-up is entered directly into the same screen.

  • Value-based routing gets the right agent talking to the caller the first time
    Returning callers are prioritised in any queue
  • Agents can schedule tasks to make outbound calls
  • Individual caller treatments make the caller feel special and increase upselling/cross-selling opportunities
  • Call recording and remote agent monitoring for training, compliance checks and security purposes

About NewVoiceMedia
NewVoiceMedia provides Hosted Contact Centre technology that enables contact centres to dramatically cut costs, transform operational efficiency, and enhance the overall caller experience through individual caller treatments. NewVoiceMedia clients range from SMEs with less than five people taking calls who don’t even think of themselves as a traditional call centre, to large corporations such as Mercer, Grant Thornton, AQA, and the Royal Mail with multi-site contact centres and hundreds of agents.

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