In order to confidently publicise the performance of the platform, a stable and reliable dataset is required. In order to achieve this NVM has a total of 8 different test agents spread out across 4 different geographical areas. These agents each perform a set of 11 tests every 5 minutes.

This equates to around a test every 7 seconds, over 12,000 tests per day and over 4.5 million per year. Each one of these tests is timed and those timings stored in a performance database. It is these timings which are used to generate alarms if performance thresholds are breached.

How does NewVoiceMedia measure performance?

The continuous testing undertaken measures the time to use the NVM platform in 3 specific areas:

  • Call Delivery (Inbound and Outbound) and Routing
  • Agent Login
  • Administration

The results of the tests are compared to thresholds that have been established with customer feedback to gauge whether the performance is good or acceptable, or whether there is an issue or incident. Current performance is updated in near real-time (within 20 minutes) on our site; and historical performance is available for the previous 30 days.

Long-term analysis and customer benefit

Because NewVoiceMedia have been testing and analysing performance since 2011, there is now a substantial dataset that is used to monitor the longer term trends in the performance of the platform.
This data is reviewed and analysed to ensure that the infrastructure always remains ahead of that needed to provide the level of service required by customers and to guide further investment decisions to maintain this quality of service.


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