Understand why the cloud contact center is so important to Salesforce users? Make every conversation great with NVM.

The Advanced guide to Salesforce Telephony Integration

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IT Needs Features

Click-to-dial & Telephony

Make it easy for Salesforce users to call customers using click-to-dial from within Salesforce, while integrating the telephony with your existing PBX or use WebRTC to call.

Single global call plan

Use a single global call plan to distribute your calls globally, consolidating administration and reporting, saving time and delivering insight into how the operation is performing both as a whole, and at a regional level. All this while maintaining the crystal-clear quality that you need to provide the experience your customers expect.

Reliable, globally

NewVoiceMedia provides crystal-clear voice quality with 99.999% platform reliability backed by cloud-based disaster recovery. We are carrier redundant with multiple carrier, MPLS and IP partners across the globe

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