An investment in Salesforce demonstrates a clear commitment to the service you deliver and the success of your customers. It also demonstrates that you understand the importance of improving the way you sell to your customers. Connecting your communications platform to Salesforce through Open CTI gives you all of these features and more:


Click-to-dial turns telephone numbers into clickable links that are used to place outbound calls removing the need for slow, error-prone, manual dialing.

Automatic dialing (dialer)

An automated dialer allows you to create lead lists within Salesforce. Leads can then be automatically dialed for one our more sales agents, increasing the number of calls placed and the number of connections made.



Screen-pops automatically present customer records along with the incoming call to your agents’ screen so that your agents get advanced warning of who is calling and why.

Soft Phone

Agents can make and receive phone calls using a headset, computer and internet connection. Using a contact pad that is displayed from within the Salesforce interface, agents can place, transfer, park or conference calls.


Automatic call logging and Recording

Automatically log and record every call in Salesforce, ensuring you get a complete view of activity while saving your sales team valuable time.

Local Presence

Enable agents to call into any area and present a local number to the prospect to improve pickup rates.

Voicemail Drop

Inside sales reps can pre-record a voice message. If the agent reaches a prospect’s voicemail system, the message can then be left automatically, saving the rep time and enabling them to move onto the next call.

Hot Desking

Allows you to integrate with existing phone systems. An agent is able to input any phone number and have incoming calls sent to that number.

Interactive Voice Response

Give callers options to route themselves to the right departments or provide them with self-service options.

Skills-based Routing

Gives you the ability to create skills and assign those skills to agents. This enables you to route calls to agents with the appropriate skill set to handle those interactions.

Intelligent Routing

Route incoming calls to the right agent using any data you hold inside Salesforce.


Simple Authentication of the Caller

Telephone numbers can act as an authentication method and will allow for a faster and simpler way to identify and verify callers.

Centralized and Simplified Call Reporting

All of your important telephone data is inside Salesforce. It is centralized and simple to create detailed reports for deep insight.

Inside View of Multiple / Global Call Centers

Operating on top of telephony platforms, cloud technology can easily sit across all of your call centers meaning you can view all your data in one place, inside Salesforce.

Access to Market-leading Technology

The benefits of delivering technology from the cloud mean that the barrier of huge upfront costs has been removed granting access to great technology to all.

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