Salesforce CTI provides an easy and affordable way for small and growing businesses to gain access to state-of-the-art technology. If both telephony and CRM software reside in the cloud, they can be quickly deployed without a huge investment in I.T. staff to manage them. Deploying the technology from the cloud makes it easy to integrate, particularly if using Salesforce or and leads to some advantageous results.

For smaller businesses, the benefits of cloud-based telephony combined with cloud-based CRM are particularly compelling:

  • Low up front capital investment

Businesses with limited resources benefit by not having to invest heavily in the software, hardware and equipment that would traditionally be required to support an inside sales or service team.

  • Pay as you go

Small businesses also benefit by only having to pay for the agent seats they need. Traditional, on-premise systems required businesses to predict how many agents they’d need, at the period when they expected demand to be highest, and then pay, up-front, for telephony and software, often at a premium.

  • Allow staff to work remotely

Because telephony and CRM are both deployed through the cloud, small and growing businesses can allow sales and support staff to work remotely , even from home, using a headset, computer and internet connection. This provides access to a larger and often less expensive pool of talent.

  • Low maintenance

Smaller businesses can focus their attention on what’s most important – building their business. With CTI integrating cloud-based telephony and CRM, they no longer need to worry about upgrading software or replacing equipment – all that’s done for them.

  •  Always run the latest and most advanced software

Because software is managed in the cloud and upgraded automatically, businesses are able to take advantage of the latest features to help them improve service and increase sales.

Using Salesforce CTI to merge telephony with Salesforce or not only makes it easier to manage the technology infrastructure, it also delivers benefits that will help the bottom line.

If you run a growing business, you already know the importance of winning new customers and keeping your existing ones happy. To be successful you have to give your sales and service teams the tools to make them as effective as possible.

Integrating your telephone system with your Salesforce or investment you can:

  • Increase the number of sales prospects you connect with over the phone
  • Improve the level of service you deliver to customers by screen-popping customer contact and case details to your service team
  • Resolve customer issues more quickly by using Salesforce data to route calls to the most appropriate agent 
  • Improve call quality and agent performance by making it easier to listen in and support staff on or after (via recording) calls 
  • Improve your overall service and support levels with improved reporting on agent and team productivity

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