Salesforce telephony integration brings your communications platform inside Salesforce to create one complete customer success platform and brings you these amazing benefits:

For Sales

  • The Ability to Reach More Prospects

Engaging with more prospects is a top priority for any sales team. The more prospects you reach, the more opportunities you’ll create, the more revenue you generate. If you use Salesforce to store the leads generated by your marketing team, your sales reps need a way to quickly and efficiently reach those prospects over the phone.

Computer telephony integration removes the need for manual dialing, which can be slow and cumbersome. Telephone numbers associated with any Salesforce object, including leads, contacts and cases turn into clickable links, which your team can use to place outbound calls. Automated dialers can be also be used to place calls for your sales reps using lead lists that you create and store within Salesforce, helping your team make even more calls.

Not every lead answers the first time and routine voicemails take time away from your team’s call downs. Salesforce telephony integration solves this by providing a voicemail drop for pre-recorded messages.

Of course, having your prospects answer the first time is always preferable, and Salesforce telephony integration can help with that as well. Most people refuse to answer calls from unfamiliar phone numbers. With Salesforce telephony integration, you can use local caller IDs so that your phone number matches the the geographic region you are calling, helping to improve pickup rates.

  • Improved Lead Conversion

It’s pretty straight forward. The more your reps know about a lead, the more they can tailor the conversation to the prospect. That, in turn helps them to convert more conversations into sales opportunities.

By integrating your telephone system with Salesforce, your reps can preview all of the information you have about a prospect before placing a call. Information like company, job title, geographic location, which products they’ve purchased in the past and even their LinkedIn profile can be quickly reviewed.

For inbound calls to your sales department, caller ID, the number dialed and any information collect through your IVR can be used to pull up valuable information about the caller. That information can be displayed to the sales rep through a “screen pop” within Salesforce.

  • Increased Use of Your CRM

By integrating your phone system with Salesforce, you will increase your sales team's usage of your CRM. That will give you with a complete view of all sales activity. Sales reps often place calls from cell phones or desktop phones that are not integrated with your CRM, which means their calls can’t be logged, recorded and tracked. By having your reps make all calls from a soft phone or desktop phone that is integrated with Salesforce (or from the Salesforce1 mobile application), those calls will all be automatically logged and tracked. That makes is easier to review sales activities like how many attempts were made to reach a prospect. It also allows you to review calls for quality and training.

  • Improved Sales Team Performance

Sales managers can optimize team performance through Salesforce dashboards that track key performance indicators (KPIs) like the number of calls made, average call duration, meetings booked and opportunities created. This can help you measure individual and team performance and determine which reps might need coaching.

But a truly effective inside sales team is one that is engaged and highly motivated. Call center software that is integrated with Salesforce not only helps you record and track sales activity, it can also help you “gamify” your sales process. Gamification can help you understand the behaviors of your best performing sales reps and offer incentives to other team members that will help them to improve performance.

For Service

  • Offer Callers Simple Self-Service or the Option to Connect to a Live Agent

Some types of customer service are best provided with zero agent touch, where your customers can simply serve themselves. Using interactive voice response (IVR) that is integrated with Salesforce, you can connect your rich customer data to your communications platform, allowing you to provide self-service options along with the ability for a caller to be connected to a live agent.

  • Route Calls From Your Toll-Free Phone Number

People call businesses for many reasons and usually on their most public number, expecting to get immediate service from a qualified agent. Call center software that is integrated with Salesforce includes ACD functionality, which allows you to route calls based on the caller’s phone number or the number dialed to the appropriate agent. Salesforce CTI lets your communications platform query your customer database. Using that information, you can dynamically route incoming communications based on anything you know about a customer – whether it is the product they bought, where they are in their contract or if they have an open support case.

You can also allow the caller to select the person or department that they want to connect to through an integrated IVR by, for example, pressing 1 for service or 2 for sales.

  • Reduce Your Call Handle Times

By providing immediate access to the information you have stored in your CRM, along with incoming calls, you can reduce the amount of time it takes your agents to resolve issues. That will drive down handle times while improving customer satisfaction.

  • Monitor, Measure and Maximize Call Center Performance

With call center software that uses Salesforce CTI, you can view reports and dashboards from within Salesforce that combine all of your service metrics. You can see all of the standard call center metrics like average handle time, time in queue, dropped calls and talk time. By combining the data you have about your calls with the information you have in Salesforce, you can also dig deeper to see things like how many calls it took to resolve an open case. And by reviewing detailed reporting on your agent and team performance, you will be able to improve training and coaching.

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