In June 2012, Salesforce introduced Open CTI with their platform – a cloud based CTI solution that leverages the existing Salesforce API and removes and need for a software-based adapter.

Open CTI enables third party developers to build custom softphones that sit within the Salesforce page layout. Technology providers that had previously been using the CTI adapter had to re-write their code to run in the browser instead of on the computer.

When NewVoiceMedia first designed its CTI integration with Salesfore, it used Salesforce’s existing Salesforce telephony integration API to allow NewVoiceMedia’s cloud-based telephone to communicate with Salesforce’s sales and service clouds. For NewVoiceMedia customers, this meant little change as its integration had been designed from the start using the Open CTI approach.

In fact the term “computer telephony integration” has now become somewhat outdated. Open CTI really enables cloud to cloud telephony integration where CRM software in one cloud communicates with telephony software residing in another cloud.

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