Now, for the real meat of the show: what sessions, classes or events will you be attending. “The first couple of Dreamforce conferences I went to, I didn't worry about figuring out my plan of attack for what I wanted to see,” said Leary. “But, now, it's a must. There are literally more sessions this year than people who attended my first Dreamforce, with more than 2,700 sessions spread across more than 40 themes, including 16 product keynotes.” The list of sessions appears here; it will fill up gradually as the show dates approach. 

As fun as the parties are and as popular as Benioff’s keynote may be, the sessions and product keynotes are what will make your Dreamforce experience valuable to you and to your company. That’s why the experts recommend that they anchor your schedule “Start by deciding what you really need to get done,” suggested Pombriant. “Is it a set of classes or sessions on this or that? Pencil those things in first and build around them.” The free Salesforce Events app is an indispensable aid in doing this, Pombriant said – make sure you take advantage of it.

choosing an nvm event

If you’re unsure of which sessions to attend, hit the website – it allows you to filter based on your role, your level of technical sophistication and the industry you work in, as well as more product-centric filters. Also, it pays to keep an eye out for blog posts about upcoming sessions – presenters with compelling sessions are usually energetic about promoting them, and that could provide a sneak peek that could influence whether you attend or avoid a session. 

In days gone by, you could stumble into sessions at Dreamforce and find a seat. Those days are long gone. Today, you need to reserve your seats. It’s something of a Catch-22: Be sure to use the app to reserve your spots early, but then keep checking the session listings. Since new sessions are added until a few weeks before the event, it’s likely that sessions that are a great fit for you won’t be available the first time you look at the site. Don’t delay in reserving sessions, but also recognize that you may need to alter your reservations closer to show time.

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