Dreamforce demands three distinct stages from your social media approach – pre-show, in-show and after-show.

Pre-show, social media can help you figure out who you’d like to meet and what you’d like to put on your schedule. If you’re a first timer, or if you just want to learn more from event veterans, one of the best places to learn about Dreamforce is Salesforce’s Trailblazer Community – particularly the group called “New to Dreamforce,” which caters to Dreamforce rookies and allows veterans to answer their questions. 

Twitter’s another great place to scan for advance information about the event; the hashtag #DF18 is already generating a lot of traffic and can provide news about sessions, parties and keynotes as well as media coverage. 

Use LinkedIn proactively to understand the backgrounds of other attendees – an extremely useful method of discerning who you want to meet at the show and preparing yourself for productive conversations. Joining relevant LinkedIn groups is another useful avenue for learning more about the show – and for broadcasting your presence and interests to other Dreamforce attendees. 

coming together

The show itself generates a massive amount of social media traffic. If you’re trying to read it on show day, the number of Tweets using the show hashtag (this year, it’s #DF18) can make it hard to see all the important posts. You could cut down on the content by using Twitter lists — you can follow lists people have already created for Dreamforce-related content and then create your own list of handles that you find particularly interesting. If you’re posting, one way to cut through the noise by using a second hashtag in your Tweets that helps narrow the focus and make it easier to search. Facebook’s a great place to share your personal experiences with your audience of friends, and Instagram and Snapchat provide opportunities to share photos and videos of the event (don’t forget to use the #DF18 hashtag).

If you want to provide a live view of what you’re seeing, you can used Periscope and Facebook Live to send your videos through Twitter and Facebook. On Periscope use #DF18Live to join the stream of Dreamforce-related feeds on Twitter.

You after-show strategy should center around keeping it up. There’s a natural tendency to slack off following the event, but make sure you preserve the connections you made at the show and use what you learned as a jumping-off point to continue the conversations started at Dreamforce. Your LinkedIn groups can play a critical role in this, and you can become one of the helpful veterans in the Trailblazer Community – thus, helping prepare for Dreamforce 2019!

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