The main keynote – nearly always scheduled for two or more hours, and traditionally running longer – features Salesforce CEO Marc Benioff articulating the current version of the company’s vision. Don’t worry about sitting right next to the stage – Benioff wanders all over the venue during his speech, so find a good seat and wait for him to come to you. This year’s keynote is scheduled for 3-5 p.m. on Tuesday, Sept. 25, eliminating the early-morning line-up for seats but potentially delaying your early evening activities if Benioff and his celebrity guests run long. Plan accordingly!

Scheduled for Wednesday night is Dreamfest, the event’s annual concert and party. This year, the headliner is still a secret; in the past, the event’s been headlined by Metallica, U2, Bruno Mars and the Red Hot Chili Peppers.

One of the more memorable aspects of any Dreamforce is the plethora of amazing parties thrown each night. Two criteria should determine which parties you attend: the ones being held by companies you’re investigating, and the ones that are the most fun. Last year, there were no fewer than 26 major parties around Dreamforce, and while the schedule has yet to be released for 2018, you can bet on a similar number of events this year. One notable event is held each year at the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art; smart partiers know to take a break from the revelry to take in the set of galleries filled with world-class art upstairs in relative quiet and near solitude, an opportunity rarely available even to museum regulars.


Here's a few parties that were running at Dreamforce 17.

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