The weeks leading up to Dreamforce can be busy and confusing. If you’re emailing to set up meetings at the event, it’s prudent to include both your home time zone and Pacific Time Zone times in the invitation so that there are no mix-ups and missed meetings.

time zones

“Don't expect to have a long meeting with anyone – such as analysts – and forget about trying to give them demos if you aren't in a booth,” said Denis Pombriant, principal at Beagle Research. “A meet and greet with an exchange of cards and a commitment to follow up is a really good outcome. If you're meeting for the first time, hone your elevator pitch to get the most out of any meeting.”

“Lots of deals are being done, connections are being made and partnerships are taking off,” says Leary. “So, if you want to get further entrenched in the Salesforce ecosystem, or begin making inroads into it, find out who's going to be at what event, and build that into your agenda.”

“If there is something of interest to you, follow-up after the show yourself,” says Bill Butler, CEO of Uptima, a consulting and system integration firm and a Salesforce strategic partner. “Don't wait for the company – they will be buried in hundreds of leads.”

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