1. Who should go?

It’s obvious that Dreamforce is the biggest event for the CRM industry – which means it’s perfect for people building strategies or working with technologies around customer relationship management, marketing, customer experience and customer service. But, just as Salesforce has expanded what it does, Dreamforce has evolved to encompass much more than core CRM. That makes the event a great venue for people working in areas that Brent Leary, president of consultancy CRM Essentials, calls “CRM-ish” – technologies that extend the value of CRM and the data it collects. That includes everything from contact center technology to file sharing services to artificial intelligence and Internet of Things platforms. In short, if what you do affects the way your company reaches and relates to its customers, there’s something at Dreamforce that you’ll find valuable.

2. How much does it cost to attend Dreamforce?

A full pass to the event is $1999. Savvy attendees should keep their eyes open for discounts offered by various vendors which can lower that cost – often, sponsors of Dreamforce receive discount codes they can pass to customers or prospects that can sharply reduce the sticker price of attendance.

Naturally, you’ll also need to budget for travel and lodging. An aside here: Finding a place to stay in San Francisco during the event can be tough. Salesforce provides lodging assistance on the registration page, but space fills up quickly, so your hotel arrangements should be one of your first priorities in getting ready for the event.

3. How should I prepare?

First off, pack for versatility. San Francisco is notorious for deceptively cold weather in summer – but this year’s event is scheduled for September 25-28, putting it right at the start of the city’s warmest part of the year. Fog, wind, sun and even some rain are possible, so make sure your wardrobe has something to deal with each of them. And, if you’re planning to attend the annual concert event, you might want to think about rocking out in something other than a business suit or your corporate polo shirt.

Second, be prepared to walk. Not only will you be on your feet in the exposition hall, but many Dreamforce events will be held in venues that are blocks from the convention center. Comfortable shoes are a must.

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