Gamification isn’t about turning the workforce into a playground. It is about shifting your mid-performers to the top through the application of game mechanics to deliver lasting behavioural changes that deliver results. Whether you are looking for ways to drive improvements across your sales or service teams, you should investigate gamification.

This ultimate guide will help you understand exactly what gamification is, how it works and why companies deploying the technology are reaping the rewards. It will help you make the right changes that will drive lasting and continuous improvement across your team. Whether you run a small sales team or a huge customer service operation, this guide will help you find your competitive edge.

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The History of Gamification

Mark Benioff’s mantra of “ease of use” and his vision of “the convergence of the consumer web with the enterprise” was the first big step in the right direction for enterprise software applications. Following his vision, Benioff has built a multi-billion-dollar business in the cloud.

However, adoption remained a real and costly issue, even for customers of Salesforce. There is a real struggle with getting employees to use the system or application installed, for a multitude of reasons. The reality is that enterprise software applications create the challenge of a steep learning curve and are typically not well adopted as a result.

Employees tend to only use new applications and software purely because their role requires it, because they “have to” rather than “want to”. This is because applications were never designed to be fun or exciting to use. Technology was designed to fulfil a business need rather than engage the employees.

Gamification is changing all of that. Introducing the principles of game mechanics and healthy competition, sales and service teams alike are engaged, excited and motivated to work, adopting new technology and boosting productivity and performance. This renewed excitement and adoption is then making it easy for management to discover the behavior that drives results and replicate it throughout the team. It is aiding sales and service teams to shift mid performers to the top.

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Why we wrote the Ultimate Guide to Gamification

 There has been, and continues to be a steady rise in the market growth of gamification. The chart below illustrates the market size over recent years and the expected market size by 2018:


This rise in the market growth of gamification is not without reason. The technology clearly works.

If you are a sales or service leader, or a business leader in general, this guide will provide you with a detailed understanding of how gamification works and how you could implement it within your business.

Aberdeen Group research has showed organizations implementing gamification are seeing above average growth, outpacing their competition by some margin. The data shows companies deploying gamification techniques growing annual revenues and average deal sizes, improving lead conversion and lead closure rates compared to those that do not.

These benefits can be felt throughout the organization as gamification proves itself to invigorate employees and boost productivity. This guide has been written to provide valuable insight into what gamification is, how it works and why you should be looking to implement it as soon as possible.

Who is the Guide for?

This guide will be valuable for any business leaders looking for a competitive edge or thinking about implementing gamification. It will also be valuable for existing gamification users looking to sure up their knowledge and perhaps try new methods and techniques to further enhance the benefits they are already seeing.

Whether you work in sales, service or operations, this guide could help you and your teams reach the next level.

Sounds intriguing. So what exactly is gamification?

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