Using Gamification in Customer Service

Gamification is a powerful tool to help you move away from a cost centric approach to customer service and shift towards the delivery of customer service best practice.

  • 71% of customers that leave businesses do so due to poor customer service
  • 61% then take their business directly to a competitor when they leave

(Serial Switchers Research, NewVoiceMedia and Opinion Matters, 2016)

Stats like these are the reason forward thinking organizations are moving away from treating their customer service operation as a cost center. Instead, they are seeing an opportunity to deliver differentiated service that fosters loyalty and drives revenue.

Understanding every interaction your customers have with your organization is an opportunity to cultivate long-lasting relationships will ultimately allow you to create more profitable customers.

This is how gamification can help you create a competitive advantage from your customer service:


The first step in improving your customer service is to find out the behaviors that are driving results and used by your top performing customer service agents. This is the most critical part in understanding how to improve your service.

Once you understand which behaviors to gamify and replicate, you need to determine the cadence needed around them that will result in increased levels of agent performance against your core service KPIs.

Gamification software allows you to silently track agent activity. For example, our solution Motivate can:

  • Uncover the reasons why your top performers win
  • Highlight gaps in service process delivery
  • Identify coaching opportunities for agents
  • Predict service outcomes early, such as customer attrition

Gamification solutions allow for deeper insight into the activities and behaviors that deliver the results your business craves and give you the opportunity to make lasting improvements.


Touched upon in the previous point, once you understand the path to successful service you can:

  • Deliver consistent coaching to every agent across all points in your customer service process
  • Simplify the challenge of delivering effective coaching
  • Drive agent performance up across your key service KPIs
  • Deliver consistent handling of customers across all channels
  • Benefit from higher levels of customer satisfaction

In essence, by delivering intelligent coaching prompts that guide users, Motivate helps you maximize the middle and get more from your existing resources through behavioral motivation.


Keeping your users engaged in your service process you can:

  • Reduce time spent in wrap-up
  • Increase time spent solving customer issues
  • Contribute knowledge articles
  • Earn higher call quality scores

All of these behaviours are leading indicators and performance measures that correlate with service excellence.

Motivate keeps users engaged by making success transparent and taps into the competitive nature of individuals and teams, making work fun. Through the use of engaging game mechanics users are motivated and encouraged to stay fully tuned in. By staying engaged with the system, they remain exposed to the coaching prompts that continue to drive their individual and team success.

The result is a customer centric model where you deliver exceptional service that results in longer and more profitable customer relationships.

Motivate allows you to break down your optimal customer service process into manageable milestones, guiding your agents and prompting them to follow customer service best practices for each and every interaction. Motivate enhances agent productivity and efficiency, reinforces your winning way and ensures your work force is working as a stronger team.

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