A key challenge for sales managers is keeping inside sales teams motivated and driven. The very nature of sales cycles means that energy levels fluctuate wildly as the success or failure of deals has a huge impact on morale.

When you find a way to maintain energy and excitement and instill a healthy competition between inside sales reps, you increase productivity significantly and create a positive work environment.

Sales Motivation through Gamification

Gamification is proving to be a game changer for sales development and inside sales alike. It makes representatives feel empowered for their own success and creates an exciting environment to work in. It is expensive to hire new staff, on-board them, train them and coaching them to a profitable level. That’s why it is invaluable to keep your inside sales staff motivated.

Gamification provides 3 key factors fundamental for sales motivation:

  1. Autonomy – the urge to control who/what/when/where of work
  2. Mastery – the drive to get better at what we do
  3. Purpose – the sense of connecting to something bigger

These three things, according to Dan Pink in his book Drive, are what motivate us as individuals. Money tends to motivate us in short bursts, providing short lived feelings of accomplishment. But ultimately, the money is spent and that feeling subsides.

Wherever possible, think about motivating your teams through non-monetary rewards.

Essential reading: Take a look at our ebook of 115 ways to reward winners for some ideas.

Gamification – the analysts agree

Independent research conducted by Aberdeen Group shows the effect of gamification on results. What the data shows is that companies that deploy gamification techniques grow annual revenues and average deal sizes faster than those that do not. It also demonstrates that lead conversion rates and lead closure rates are higher than those still not using these techniques:

Table: Inside Sales Gamification Results

Gamification – driving the right inside sales behaviors

At NewVoiceMedia, we have offer a gamification product called Motivate. We not only license Motivate, we also use it internally to motivate our own inside sales team. With it, we have dramatically increased our number of meetings booked and number of flips generated.

With motivate, we identified the activities and behaviors that made a difference for our business. This is a bit harder than it sounds and takes time and a lot of socialization of ideas with the sales and sales development organization.

After much deliberation we built scoring to support activities around 4 pillars:

  • Call activities against target outbound analysis
  • Call coaching assessment and recognition
  • Improved volume of flips
  • Cold calling activity

It is important to remember that the devil is in the details; you must be absolutely sure that what you want to gamify is right for your business and will foster the right behaviors in your sales team.

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