It is imperative today that your inside sales team use their time effectively. The last thing any sales manager wants is for their inside sales team to waste valuable time and effort chasing the wrong accounts or the wrong people at those accounts. Define your target accounts. It is a critical segmentation exercise for your inside sales organization that must be done regularly. Once you’ve defined your set of target accounts, you must then understand the organizational structure within those accounts so that you can appropriately customize your communications. 

We recommend that your EBR team devote a portion of their time to understanding the organizational structure of their target accounts as shown in the example shown below. After this is done, they will be able to use the various types of emails defined in the prior section to target specific people within the organization. Also, by understanding the needs and pain points of various people in various roles, they can further customize their communications. For example, a director of finance will be more interested in the cost savings provided by your product or service while the chief information officer is likely to be more interested in things like security or reliability. Additionally, by understanding the “org chart” within your target accounts, your EBRs will also be able to determine who the real decision makers are as opposed to which people serve as recommenders and influencers. 

Table: Target Account Mapping for Inside Sales


Where possible, purchase your sales team premium Linkedin accounts and show them how to research properly using the platform and the web.

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