What is Gamification?

It’s the process of driving greater productivity, by creating rewarding and engaging activities out of everyday tasks to encourage your team. Gamification platforms introduce game-type elements and principles into your everyday work processes. You can introduce incentives for your employees to reward them when they reach a personal or business goal, discourage negative or unethical behaviour, and promote office-wide altruism.

Means of reward can include, for example, fake digital currency, a progress bar, or a points system that gauges employee progress and allows you the opportunity to reward certain milestones.


By using the combined power and intelligence of the NVM Platform and our gamification software within Salesforce®, your team will find new reasons to improve their technique, focus their energies on hitting targets or meeting SLAs. They will also be able to manage their time more efficiently and be able to push themselves as individuals and as a team.

The NVM Platform makes it easier for your team to meet their SLAs, and gamification makes them want to!


Motivate is available in 2 tiers


  • Use interactive, real-time leaderboards to drive interest and competition in everyday activities
  • Display any data held within Salesforce in any of ten pre-built backgrounds
  • Broadcast the latest updates with “breaking news” alerts, and create engagement with cheers, taunts, comments and comparisons.


  • Includes all leaderboards and competitions
  • Drive great achievement through more activity, better communication, and hit targets faster
  • Enable swift adoption and encourage the right CRM behaviors by awarding points. Propel users towards higher levels, unlock badges to collect a trophy cabinet along the way, and foster a complete and long-lasting change in culture.
  • Refresh every quarter to maintain engagement

“Gamification techniques can be used to address pervasive organizational challenges, such as creating engagement, providing more transparency into work activities and connecting employees' actions to business outcomes. Recognizing the potential benefits of gamification, companies can apply feedback, measurement and incentives — the same techniques that game designers use to keep players interested — to achieve the needed engagement for the transformation of business operations.”

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