The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) which came into place 25th May 2018 seeks to give people more control over how organizations use their data, and for organizations that fail to comply with the rules, and for those that suffer data breaches there are hefty fines.

Let’s look at how NewVoiceMedia solutions can help with your GDPR compliance.

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4 key GDPR challenges business are facing

Communicate what personal data you hold on individuals

GDPR regulations means individuals can now request a copy of any data that is held about them. This means companies not only need to know where that data is being held but they need to easily be able to access it and communicate back to the customer.

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The GDPR introduces a right for individuals to be forgotten

Under GDPR individuals have the right to have personal data erased in certain circumstances. This is also known as the ‘right to be forgotten’.

An individual can make a request for erasure verbally or in writing and it can also be made to any part of your organization. This presents a challenge as any one of your employees could receive a valid request.

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Consent must involve a clear affirmative action (an opt-in)

The GDPR is clear - an indication of consent must be unambiguous and involve a clear affirmative action (an opt-in). So sales team need to be sure they only call those individuals who have expressly agreed to be contacted by phone, not only that but clear records must be kept to demonstrate consent.

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To use call recording you will need to have explicit consent

Call recording is classified as a form of ‘data processing’, as it can include name and addresses, and personal information, as such it also falls under the GDPR rules. Businesses who use call recording will need to have explicit consent for such a practice will need to be given.

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