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Salesforce integration levels you can’t better anywhere else

NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact center and inside sales platform, ContactWorld, powers personal conversations that get results. It integrates all your customers communications channels without expensive, disruptive hardware changes and plugs straight into Salesforce for full access to hard-won CRM data.

The only CTI solution you need.

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Sales Cloud Benefits

  • Improve sales efficiency and productivity with automated dial functionality from inside Salesforce
  • Increase answer rates by 40% by displaying a local number to prospects
  • Drive Salesforce adoption to 100% by creating a single sales platform and automatically logging activity
  • Improve coaching and sales attainment with easy call recording and gamification

Service Cloud Benefits

  • Reduce average handle times and improve customer satisfaction 
  • Simplify omnichannel and apply clever SLAs to channels
  • Improve retention rates and coaching with real-time dashboards and easy call recording
  • Boost operational efficiency with integrated workforce management

In terms of telephony and understanding how that’s going to help our customers, they are a tremendous resource.

Brian Rubin,
Account Executive, Salesforce

In the co-prime role, there is no Cha-Ching relative to partners, so solving the customer business challenge is paramount. NewVoiceMedia is the best and tightest native telephone integration with Salesforce.

Benjamin Irvine,
Strategic Account Manager, Service Cloud

My favorite memory with NewVoiceMedia this year is the hands-on SE module we hosted in New York. In my opinion, the NewVoiceMedia solution definitely has value.

Valerie Wolloch
SVP of Solution Engineering CBU

We had an opportunity close this year with one of my biggest and most strategic accounts. They are a logistics company that are based out of New Jersey who are very technical. It’s a great account and I love them but NewVoiceMedia did a fantastic job of establishing a great relationship with their decision makers as well as some of their front line IT people.”

Rich Lind
RVP, Salesforce

I had an existing account and the CIO began talking about having some extra features and functions for their service team so we started to introduce NewVoiceMedia and told them a little about CTI. What was nice was we were available to contact NewVoiceMedia, I wasn’t even available for the first meeting, but the trust was there and the communication was open.”

Loriel Horatschek
Sr. Retail/CPG Account Executive, Salesforce

I feel you’re a leader in the cloud contact centre space and a very reliable leader at that so it really allows us to go and speak to a customer and recommend someone.

Colin Lau
ESB Manager, Salesforce

Our combined succes stories include: 

Through NewVoiceMedia's win-or-lose partnership with Salesforce and its capabilities to enhance Service Cloud, Bisk gained the market's strongest CTI-CRM integration. Resouces were aligned withing 72 hours and the project was completed in just 5 weeks. NewVoiceMedia's contract excluded an out clause, cementing Salesforce and the partner community way beyond Salesforce's out period

  • Ousted MS Dynamics
  • Rapid turnaround through unrivalled integration
  • 450 Service Cloud licenses with anticipated growth

  • Ousted Zendesk
  • Global infrastructure across multiple voice delivery mechanisms
  • WebRTC, VoIP and PSTN
  • SFDC and NVM integration for case routing
  • Improved training processes due to real-time monitoring with NVM and Salesforce
  • Service Cloud installation and 50 ContactWorld licenses

  • Ousted Genesys on-premise system
  • Salesforce becomes the ‘centre of truth’ and therefore a deep SF integration was needed from their communications
  • 503 ContactWorld for Sales and Marketing agents plus many more SFDC licenses
  • Signature experiences for customers through NVM and SFDC providing exceptional personalisation
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