What’s the best way to enhance the sales and customer experience? Not quite sure what the answer is – don’t worry, every company finds themselves dwelling on how to accomplish this.

Join Kelly Ann Jourdain, Manager Technical Support at Global DMS and Carl Rio, Strategic Account Manager at NewVoiceMedia as they discuss how Global DMS tackled transforming their customer and sales engagement by increasing their speed of call resolution, eliminating their back-up call center, utilizing omni-channel and analytics to drive efficiency gains.

More about Global DMS:

Global Data Management System, LLC has been a respected pioneer and leader in valuation process management since its inception in 1999.  Hundreds of prominent lenders, appraisal firms, appraisal management companies and appraisers employ our web-based software solutions for business management and workflow automation.

The company offers cloud-based end-to-end solution sets for complete management of the valuation process, offering a full set of integrated web-based services that can be accessed in a central online location by all parties involved in the process.

About the Presenters:

Kelly Ann Jourdain
Manager, Technical Support, Global DMS

Carl Rio
Strategic Account Manager, NewVoiceMedia

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