Would you like to improve sales performance, grow your active pipeline, increase calls made and meetings booked? Would you like to increase logging of new contact information and improve the overall usage of your CRM?

Gamification for Salesforce can help you do just that by fostering teamwork, collaboration, and a healthy level of competition within your sales organization that will ultimately boost the performance of your sales team.

During this webinar you will see a live demonstration of NewVoiceMedia Motivate working alongside Salesforce Sales Cloud and NewVoiceMedia ContactWorld for Sales.

You will learn how to:

  • Analyze personality types and design incentives that will reward sales reps in a way that will energize them most
  • Run team competitions with incentives to drive performance
  • Increase sales performance through interactive, real-time leaderboards, alerts, recognition and comparisons
  • Use gamification techniques to encourage your inside sales team to make more calls and engage more prospects over the phone

About the presenters

John Flynn
Senior Sales Engineer, NewVoiceMedia

Richard Dumas
RVP, Demand Marketing, NewVoiceMedia


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