About the presenters:

Donna Fluss, founder and president of DMG Consulting LLC
Eric Coyle, VP of Solution Strategy at NewVoiceMedia

About the Webcast

The customer relationship management (CRM) system and automatic call distributor (ACD) or dialer (if you’re doing outbound), are the two most essential applications in your contact center. The ACD or dialer manages the flow of incoming and outgoing interactions. The CRM system tracks the customer relationship and everything done to build and enhance it. For years, these solutions existed side by side, each performing its own function, mostly independently of one another. This is finally changing. The worlds of CRM and ACD are coming together, enabling companies to deliver a personalized and highly differentiated service experience.

Watch this webinar to learn:

  • The definition of adaptive and intelligent routing
  • How it should be used to improve the customer journey
  • Case studies of applying adaptive and intelligent routing to sales, service and collections

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