Why silos damage customer experience

Why silos damage customer experience

Silos may be a great way to store grain, but can cause problems when silo mentality runs unchecked in a company. We have all seen silos at work in individual departments, regional offices, different channels and even in different management levels within an organization.

Silos are not necessarily a bad thing; they can be beneficial when used properly and provide organizations with a structure that works. They often foster expertise in different areas and promote a sense of individuality, accountability and responsibility. Silos also act as a method for ensuring focus around specific business deliverables. These are all good things, so why are they the biggest hindrance to corporate growth?

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  • What an ideal silo would be like
  • The types of silos that exist and how they impact customer experience
  • How to breakdown your silos
  • How to create an outside-in customer centric structure

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