Let your people focus on personalized, emotive pitches

A one-size-fits-all sales pitch is the opposite of a real conversation. NewVoiceMedia automates as much admin as possible from dialling prospects to recording calls. Allowing your people to focus in on delivering a personalized and emotive sales pitch.


Make cold calls warmer

Making conversations more personal means more sales. Our contact center solution starts by making your calls look local, for more first-time pick-ups. The dialer prioritizes call lists, so your teams reach their best prospects first, without scrambling for details. And deep integration with Salesforce® means complete engagement histories across every channel, so they’re free to concentrate on connecting.

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Make  all your calls personal

It’s easy to kick off great personal conversations with access to all the latest prospect data in Salesforce. Screen Pop ensures your people have the right info at their fingertips, freeing them up to be their best. And our unparalleled communications infrastructure means every call is crystal clear.



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We helped Six Pack Abs achieve a 500% growth in sales with our technology at the core of its sales engine. Our contact center solution helps SPA, help people get their perfect six pack.

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Before, we were manually dialing, taking at least five seconds to dial a number. It doesn’t sound like a long time but when you multiply that by 20 guys over 12 hours a day, it really adds up. Click-to-dial is much more efficient."

General Sales Manager, SPA


Help everyone get it right, every time

NVM’s integrated tools help make best practice your only practice, always. Conversation Analyzer automatically transcribes and analyzes recordings to test new emotive approaches with rigor. Activity tracking and management tools help you identify, emulate and spread sales success. And gamification can get your people pushing themselves to hit best practice on every call.

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Getting personal is in the details

Have more meaningful calls by dialing directly from Salesforce.

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Harness the power of Salesforce

Seamless integration for unrivalled access to your rich customer data.

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The power of speaking, clearly

The best voice calls anywhere, every time.

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Keep finding the heart of the matter

Turn the human voice into your greatest insight engine.

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