Earlens Improves Customer Experience with Intelligent Routing

Earlens manufactures a revolutionary hearing aid and wanted to deliver personalized concierge service using case-based routing. Damon Boyce, Audiologist & Salesforce Administrator, discusses how Earlens improved customer experience, enhanced the agent experience, and gained deeper business insights with NewVoiceMedia's intelligent routing.

Intelligently route calls based on any object in Salesforce: Fewer transfers, Better FCR, happier customers!

Dynamic Routing ACD Routing

Routing using Salesforce Features

Skills-based routing

Route customers to the best available agents based on skills that are defined and kept up to date within Salesforce.

Dynamic routing

Intelligently route customers based on the latest information stored in Salesforce, such as case owner, last agent spoken to, or their latest post-call survey.


Route NewVoiceMedia voice and Salesforce digital channels to deliver a consistent customer experience across all channels while reducing administrative complexity.

Ease of Administration

Manage routing rules within your Salesforce environment to reduce operational complexity.

Omni-Channel reporting

Keep a close eye on effectiveness across all channels since all channel activity is automatically and consistently logged into Salesforce.

Share resources

Boost efficiency by allowing teams to be skilled on both voice and digital channels. Scaling up or down is simple, since the administration is done within Salesforce.

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