A one-size-fits-all sales pitch is the opposite of a real conversation. NewVoiceMedia automates as much admin as possible from dialing prospects to recording calls. Allowing your people to focus in on delivering a personalised and emotive sales pitch.


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Powers over 1,500,000,000 interactions on the Salesforce sales and service cloud

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We helped Six Pack Abs achieve a 500% growth in sales with our technology at the core of its sales engine. Our contact center solution helps SPA, help people get their perfect six pack.

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“Before, we were manually dialling, taking at least five seconds to dial a number. It doesn’t sound like a long time but when you multiply that by 20 guys over 12 hours a day, it really adds up. Click-to-dial is much more efficient."

General Sales Manager, SPA

Sales Cloud Features

Click-to-dial & Telephony

Make it easy for reps to call customers using click-to-dial from within Salesforce, while integrating the telephony with your existing PBX or use WebRTC to call.

Intelligent routing

Dynamically route incoming voice communications and Salesforce digital channels based on anything you know about a customer – whether it is the product they bought, where they are in their contract or if they have an open support case.


Use automatic or preview dialer mode from Salesforce lists, campaigns, or any Salesforce data while keeping the Salesperson within Salesforce while receiving screen pops showing the next priority item.

Local Numbers/CLID

Increase call pickup rates by displaying a local number.

Coaching & Call Logging

Monitor any conversation as well as whisper discreetly during the conversation, and then easily acces the call recordings which are automatically logged into Salesforce.

Omni-Channel Analytics & Reporting

Use real-time customizable dashboards and wallboards. Receive your historical insights from within Salesforce reports, including using Einstein. Rely on the widest set of Voice and Salesforce digital channels data pushed into Salesforce.

Speech Analytics

The NewVoiceMedia Conversation Analyzer transcribes, tags, and analyzes 100% of all customer conversations, which are then automatically logged into Salesforce objects, like contacts, cases, and custom objects.

PCI Compliance

Use our PCI Compliant solution to comply with credit card security standards while making payment transactions fast and frictionless. Our solution expedites credit card transactions while keeping sensitive credit card information away from the contact center.


Use interactive, real-time leaderboards to drive interest and competition in everyday activities. Display any data held within Salesforce in any of ten pre-built backgrounds. Broadcast the latest updates with “breaking news” alerts, and create engagement with cheers, taunts, comments and comparisons.

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