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Join the NewVoiceMedia Solution Engineering Certification Program. After the training you'll become the go-to contact centre expert in your region with the skills and knowledge required to confidently discuss contact centres in your deals. 

It's 100% free and is designed to take Salesforce Solution Engineers from start to finish to become experts in Cloud Telephony Integration.

Simply fill out the form and we will be in touch with next steps.

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What do I get?

Become a NewVoiceMedia contact centre certified expert and you will receive:

• A badge to add to your LinkedIn profile and Salesforce Trailhead

• Entry into a competition to win a NewVoiceMedia experience each quarter. Prizes start at motor racing, music concerts, horse racing, rugby tickets, festival tickets, Michelin star experiences, tennis tournaments and football matches.

Who is it open to?

Any Core or Service Cloud Salesforce Solutions Engineer in the SMB, CBU or EBU teams across EMEA

How does it work?

You’ll register for one of the NewVoiceMedia accreditation time slots.

We have two types of certification, Level 1 and Level 2:

• Level 1 - carried out remotely, duration of one hour, with the NewVoiceMedia SE team, with 3 tasks to complete as homework to receive your certificate. You will be sent a list of dates with options on when you’d like to join; Level 1 runs across Q2/3.

NVM Level 1 Certification (1 hour + homework)

·         Install Managed Package
·         Create simple Inbound Call flow
·         Successfully show Inbound and Outbound call
·         Talk through NVM dashboards
·         Produce an interesting NVM Demo Video as a use case

• Level 2 – carried out remotely, duration two hours, with the NewVoiceMedia SE team with 4 tasks to complete as homework to receive your certificate. We anticipate you’ll need 1 hour to complete the homework for the Level 1 certification, and 1.5 hours to complete the Level 2 certification.

Training will take place as remote GTM session or onsite.

After each session, you will need to create and upload a Demo Training video which will automatically enter you into the competition for the NVM experience day’s Q2/3

NVM Level 2 Certification (2 hours + homework)

·         Omni Channel presence integration
·         Dynamic Routing
·         Advanced Salesforce Reporting (including Analytics Cloud / Wave)
·         Post Call Survey
·         Produce an interesting NVM Demo Video as a use case

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