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What does it really mean to “move to the Cloud”?

Moving to the Cloud is a way of acquiring technology that will allow you to focus on your core business—not on building server rooms or software stacks. Cloud contact center software (also called cloud call center software) from NewVoiceMedia removes the burden of managing complex telephony networks and infrastructure freeing you up to look after what matters most to you; your customers.

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Existing Infrastructure

Cloud contact center software can be deployed easily and can simply sit on top of your existing infrastructure to deliver calls and call-handling software. With no physical infrastructure to install, maintain or upgrade you can continue to leverage any investment made in cloud contact center technology from NewVoiceMedia.

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Up and Running in No Time

NewVoiceMedia’s cloud contact center solution, is accessible from anywhere provided there is a web connection. Removing geography from the equation, our true-cloud software is a perfect solution for companies looking to expand operations – either across the globe or simply allowing agents to work from home.

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Anywhere, Anytime

At NewVoiceMedia, we continuously test and observe the performance and availability of our cloud contact software platform. Test are run every 7-8 seconds, all day, and every day. Results are graded against strict performance criteria and our important customer feedback to ensure we meet our 99.999% availability guarantee.

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Always Up-to-date

Our flexible licensing model guarantees you experience the freedom that cloud contact center software gives you. You can scale up effortlessly to meet demands or scale down effortlessly when you feel it is necessary. As our solution sits in the cloud all the resources associated with contact handling – your licences, bandwidth routing applications and gateways – are shared so you only use them when you need them.

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99.999% platform availability guaranteed

As NewVoiceMedia sits in ‘the cloud’, rather than on your physical infrastructure, all resources associated with contact handling – licences, bandwidth, routing applications and gateways – are shared so you only use them when you need them.

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