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Business continuity & emergency planning

You never know when disaster will strike. Unplanned events such as extreme weather, transport disruption and technical outages can all have a serious impact on your business operations.

Disaster Recovery for NewVoiceMedia is a cloud solution that works alongside your existing technology, enabling your call center to run smoothly in all eventualities.

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Innovative new approach

Disaster Recovery for NewVoiceMedia is an innovative new approach to providing a robust DR plan for your business. We harness the power of cloud computing to deliver a real alternative to traditional solutions, at a fraction of the cost.

You benefit from enhanced features, and increased flexibility, to keep you running - no matter what challenges your business faces.

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Key benefits

Reduce your operational costs - no upfront investment and flexible pricing based on actual usage gives you a robust solution that costs at least 60% less than traditional solutions

Maximise agent availability - relocate agents to anywhere with phones and web-enabled devices; agents' homes, temporary offices or a disaster recovery site.

Fast activation - we can start distributing calls to your agents within minutes and changes can be made with ease

It's painless - you don't have to be a technical expert to set it up with our user-friendly online portal. Once you've completed this easy step, we do the rest for you


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JustGiving provides the technology, advice and support to help charities and individuals reach a much bigger audience for their fundraising, and raise more money for their cause. It’s quick and easy for someone to find the person or group they want to support, and donate in just a few clicks or taps – sometimes with incredible results.

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“We needed something that would allow us to scale globally, at low cost, and also rapidly. We effectively outsourced a lot of the technical support that our old system required to NewVoiceMedia, allowing us to get on with helping people raise more for their causes”

Head of Customer Experience, JustGiving

How does it work?

Call center managers increasingly see the benefits of enabling agents to work from home. Here are some of the reasons why:

We configure the carrier network so that, when needed, calls can be diverted to NewVoiceMedia

We provide you with a separate DR termination (landing) number which is ready to receive calls

When needed, calls to your number are delivered to the DR termination number on the NewVoiceMedia platform

Your agents log into NewVoiceMedia, from wherever they are, and answer calls to your number as normal

The service is activated with one phone call to the NewVoiceMedia service desk and the switchover is initiated in minutes.

You can replicate your existing call plan, or implement an alternative, in NewVoiceMedia. In addition, whilst in DR, you will be able to use the full functionality of NewVoiceMedia.

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99.999% platform availability guaranteed

As NewVoiceMedia sits in ‘the cloud’, rather than on your physical infrastructure, all resources associated with contact handling – licences, bandwidth, routing applications and gateways – are shared so you only use them when you need them.

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