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Our inbound call center software delivers your incoming calls to your most qualified agents, along with everything they need to know about the caller.

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How can my inbound call center software improve customer service?

To deliver outstanding customer service, your inbound call center software has to do three things exceptionally well:

routing and queuing

Routing and Queuing

Your software must be able to route your inbound calls to your agents, based on your business rules, to ensure that the most qualified person is on the phone to help your customers.

Crm Communications

CRM Communications

The software you choose must be designed to work with your CRM. Your agents need to know who’s calling and have all of the information they need, at their fingertips, to resolve your customer’s problem on the very first call.

Call Logging and Recording

Call Logging and Recording

To ensure that you can comply with industry specific regulations and so that you can review calls for training and quality assurance, all inbound calls must be logged, recorded and stored.

NewVoiceMedia has delivered everything we hoped for and improved efficiency and service. We want to keep our retention rates high at 96%+ term-over-term; NewVoiceMedia is giving us the tools to do so.

Key Inbound Call Center Features

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Our cloud-based automatic call distributor (ACD) guarantees that calls are delivered to the right agent at the right time. We enable you to deliver calls based on a variety of strategies including skills-based and dynamic routing. Contact center managers can easily update routing strategies without relying on IT for help.

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NewVoiceMedia’s cloud-based interactive voice response (IVR) allows you to provide callers with intuitive touch tone menus. Callers can choose automated service or ask to be connected to a live agent. Use our Interaction Architect to easily design call flows: play prompts; make announcements; collect information; queue calls and route interactions according to time of day, caller ID or geographic region.


Our computer telephony integration (CTI) allows you to query your CRM based on information you collect about the inbound call. You can display any information that is stored in your CRM to the agent, along with the call – all through screen pops displayed within the Salesforce® UI. Give your agents the power to resolve customer problems in less time.

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Salesforce Integration

Our software is optimized for Salesforce, delivering cloud-to-cloud CTI using Salesforce’s Open CTI protocol. NewVoiceMedia was designed from the start using the Open CTI approach which has allowed us to communicate with Salesforce® Service Cloud without the use of adapters and without the need to download and install software on the agent’s desktop.

Contact Pad

Your agents can receive, place, transfer and conference calls using a soft phone that is integrated into the Salesforce UI. Agents can consult with other agents while on a call and have the option to control calls from from a desktop phone keypad.

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Call Recording

Record all calls, just a percentage of calls, calls from specific callers, or calls based on specific options on a menu. For customers who want greater flexibility over the recording of calls (usually for regulatory reasons), agents can stop and start a call recording part way through. You can also select our agent-only call recording which records only the agent portion of the call and not the caller or customer.

Monitoring and Coaching

With our Real Time interface, supervisors can listen into or join agent calls. They can monitor queues and manage service levels. Give your supervisors the ability to improve the productivity of your agents and the performance of you inbound call center with a full suite of administrative tools.



Our gamification application, enables you to use advanced gamification techniques to uncover the habits of your top performing service agents. You can then incentivize other agents to adopt those habits using a combination intelligent coaching prompts and game mechanics that keep them engaged and motivated.

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Inbound Call Center Reporting

Information about agent and calls is automatically saved enabling you to generate historical reports for your inbound call center. Generate reports that contain information about your agents, including the amount of time and agent was in a particular state or how long they were on calls. You can also create inbound call center reports that include information like number of calls that arrived, the number of calls that were abandoned, and the average time in which calls were answered.

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