Ditch your desk phone and get mobile with NEWVOICEMEDIA and Salesforce1™ Mobile App

When your team is working from home, out in the field or visiting a customer, they’re using their mobile phone and calling their contacts directly. This means that reporting on calls that they make or take is next to impossible, as is staying on top of the admin, keeping notes and logging calls and so on.

NewVoiceMedia gives you the insight and the capabilities you need, when you’re away from your desk.

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Enabling home-based and remote agents

Allowing agents to work from home is an increasingly popular requirement in customer engagement, call or contact centers. It’s now a question of management strategy, rather than a decision on whether to offer flexible working. NewVoiceMedia is cloud-based, so all users log in to the same system, regardless of their geographical location. As long as an agent has access to a web-connected device, they can effectively work from anywhere.

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real-time visibility

Real-time visibility

With the NVM platform, you get a real-time window into your entire call center operation. You can see who's online and available, monitor KPIs and access detailed live call stats for every agent in an instant.

Remote management

Remote management

NewVoiceMedia allows you to manage a team of home-based agents as if they are all in the same room - all using the same scripts, messages, call plan, CRM databases and more.

Cost saving

Mobile data usage is only needed for the initial click-to-dial. The call is made from NewVoiceMedia, so none of the agent’s mobile internet or call allowances are used.

How we've helped...

Rac Logo

RAC provides customer service solutions for consumers with new car warranties on behalf of its corporate customers: well-known car manufacturers.

These solutions give new car buyers product and test-drive information, as well as dealing with customers' warranty and service issues.

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"NewVoiceMedia is 'a big improvement'. It has transformed the way RAC handle 54,000 inbound and 60,000 outbound calls each year on behalf of car manufacturers."

Service Delivery Manager, RAC

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Always business as usual

As a Salesforce® user, you can enjoy all the benefits that you would normally receive from NewVoiceMedia, with Salesforce1™ Mobile App integration.

  • Make calls by simply clicking the number in the contact record
  • Calls are automatically logged, with duration, time and date
  • Reduce the time spent on admin, add notes directly onto the record in real time

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Key Features

  • Easy to use and to manage a flexible workforce, sales and service teams or contact center
  • Easy compliance and complaint resolution
  • Real time access to performance
  • Seamless disaster recovery as standard
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