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NewVoiceMedia has the best and tightest integration with salesforce
Ben Irvine
VP of Service Cloud (GB) - Salesforce

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NVM for service and support teams

For services & support teams

Make customers feel great. Every time.

NVM lets your people deliver a personalized experience every time, getting to the heart of every problem. Instant access to all your Salesforce data gives your teams everything they need to know for every customer conversation.

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For sales teams

Build an army of Bestsellers.

NVM dials your hottest leads, with local calling numbers that increase pick-up rate. It sends each prospect’s contact activity straight to their screens, with detailed reporting pulled straight from Salesforce data.

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For IT teams

A Reliable, Global Contact Center Platform.

One of the main reasons that businesses switch from one contact center platform to another is quality. It’s also one of the most important requirements for companies considering a move from on premise infrastructure to the cloud. That's why we've invested heavily in global voice infrastructure that makes every conversation crystal clear.

Performance Availability Security

Exceptional customer experience

Only ever exceptional customer experience

Make best practice your only practice: NVM's integrated tools and support help you get everyone, on every team, delivering exceptional customer experience at every stage. Meanwhile our robust global telephony infrastructure ensures crystal-clear conversations, wherever your customers or teams may be.

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Every customer is unique. To deliver personalized service, you need to understand what makes them tick. Give your agents the ability to speak to each and every customer in a way that builds a long-lasting relationship.

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