Salesforce CTI enables Salesforce to be used as a call centre. The technology plugs your telephony into Salesforce, allowing for softphones to be deployed right inside your CRM instance for each of your call centre agents or inside sales teams (or both of course).

What is an inbound call contact centre?

An inbound call centre is set up to primarily receive communications initiated by customers and prospects. Most inbound call centres are therefore customer service focused, as it is people calling in when they need assistance with a product or service.

What is an outbound call centre contact centre?

An outbound call center is set up to primarily initiate communications and phone calls to customers and prospects. Most outbound call centers are therefore sales focused, making calls to customers and prospects to try and make a sale.

The difference between an inbound and outbound call contact centre

This may seem like common sense, but it really does come down to the primary direction of the vast majority of your activity in your call centre. If over 50 percent of your calls are inbound, then you are an inbound call centre.

This distinction is an important one to make as it will shape what you need from technology and what types of processes and protocols you should implement. For example, an inbound call centre is unlikely to need advanced dialer capability.

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