Where does your call centre live?

This chapter gives you a brief description of the types of call centre implementations and where they live in your enterprise. When deciding on the system deployment in your contact centre, it is important to know that each of the four types can vary considerably in terms of cost, ease of use, deployment time, security, reliability and uptime.


These call centres live within the enterprise and are owned and managed by the organisation’s internal IT department or telephony group. On-premise solutions are often chosen by organisations with specific business continuity requirements, regulatory compliance, or data privacy needs. Once you buy the hardware/software, you pay an annual maintenance fee and get the rights to the product for the life of the applications. Any upgrades are either included in the maintenance fees or are purchased on an as-needed basis.


This is like renting your call centre software applications. The software is hosted at a remote data center or on-premises at the customer’s location. The vendor is responsible for maintenance and software upgrades, and these costs are built into the price. This enables the organisation to manage their contact centre’s operational and technical needs, but limits or prevents them from managing the contact centre’s infrastructure, as that becomes the vendors responsibility.


The most common hybrid installations are made up of an on-premises PBX/ACD and a cloud-based contact centre application such as CRM software. Customers are responsible for maintaining the equipment/software that they own outright, and then pay a recurring fee for the solutions that they ‘rent.’ Organisations who go this route are limited by needing to blend into their existing corporate infrastructure, while running cloud-based applications where they’re most needed.


Software and hardware are hosted at a remote data centre and delivered to your enterprise via a public or private network. Customers rent a vendor’s solution and pay a recurring fee. Maintenance and upgrades are included at no additional charge. Cloud solutions enable contact centres to dynamically and quickly scale their operations, while opening the door to numerous APIs and system integrations.

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