Now that you’ve recruited a world class team and have them organised for success, you’ll also need a world class inside sales software solution to get the most out of them. You’ll want to make sure that your inside sales software supports your team and never, ever stands in their way.

Our business (like those of most of our customers) is built around Salesforce® as our single view of the truth. Along with that, we use a broad range of inside sales software to compliment all the core functions of the business.

 The marketing department and marketing operations in particular have built a sophisticated system to help us find, communicate with, clean, dedupe, prioritise and predictively score our leads. This means that our sales organisation is not:

  • Wasting time calling wrong numbers
  • Wasting time speaking to people who will never purchase from us
  • Wasting time calling completely cold leads (rare occasions)
  • Wasting time working on the same leads as someone else

 Our sales department then uses NewVoiceMedia's ContactWorld insides sales software to further enhance sales activity by:

  • Automatically logging activity for complete visibility of all sales activity
  • Allowing reps to click to dial to make more call and eliminate misdials
  • Using a sophisticated dialler and smart lists to reach more prospects
  • Automatically recording calls for quality assurance and training

Inside Sales Software - Managing Inside Sales on a Global Scale

With our team growing globally, consistent management of disparate teams has become very important. It is vital for us to know that the right level and standard of work is being completed in all regions. Our operating model is to have local management from the head of sales in each region, but the activities of our SR’s and EBR’s are carried out in a globally consistent way as directed by our head of sales development. As an example, all EBR’s around the globe produce a recommended volume of Basho’s during the course of the month but timing and content is naturally adjusted to be localised.

We use our inside sale software to review the performance of our global team in Salesforce irrespective of where in the world our team is physically located. Because they all use our solution, they are virtually co-located. This means the reporting of activities and, more importantly, call coaching and training can take place from any location globally. For example, calls placed by our EBR’s in San Francisco can be reviewed and critiqued by our team in Sydney, New York or London.

This allows standards to be maintained regardless of location and makes managing and running our inside sales teams far simpler. As an organisation, we see continued, sustained growth in all regions. We base this on the changes that we have made to our inside sales and sales development teams and the insides sales software we have implemented to help us achieve our goals.

There is a broad choice of inside sales software out there designed to improve efficiency and productivity for sales, so making the right choices for you and your business is not an easy process. Below are a series of inside sales software solutions that will help you get the most out of your inside sales team.

Inside Sales Software - CRM

CRM software is the foundation for any successful inside sales team. It includes a comprehensive inside sales software solution to manage and track your contacts, leads, opportunities and accounts. It is critical to work from a single view of the truth to conducting intelligent conversations with your prospects and customers. Salesforce is the most widely adopted CRM on the market and one of the best platforms to build your sales organisation on, boasting an excellent eco-system of partners and applications available for integration through the AppExchange®.

Inside Sales Software - CTI

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) enables you to integrate your telephone system with your CRM. This allows your inside sales reps to click-to-dial, use automated dialling, record calls and have inbound calls routed to them. To learn more about CTI, check out our Advanced Guide to SalesforceTelephony Integration.

Inside Sales Software - Automated dialler

When it comes to driving productivity, diallers enable sales managers to boost outbound calling dramatically. This increases the volume of connections made as well as the number of successful conversations, improving your conversion rates through inside sales.

Inside Sales Software - Marketing Automation

Marketing automation software enables your organisation to manage marketing campaigns including web, email, social and mobile marketing initiatives. It allows your business to track, nurture and score new leads. When leads reach a pre-determined threshold (or “score”) based on criteria that you establish they are deemed to be “marketing qualified” and can then be passed to your inside sales for follow up. Leading marketing automation solutions include Pardot, Marketo, Hubspot and Eloqua

Inside Sales Software – Online Meetings

One of the foremost goals for inside sales teams is to set up and conduct introductory meetings with new prospects. Given the number and frequency of these meetings you’ll need solid solution to conduct online meetings and conference calls. GoToMeeting, WebEx and JoinMe all offer solutions for online meetings and presentations.

Inside Sales Software – Social Profiles

As we described in Chapter 6, it’s important for your inside sales reps to do their research and understand the organisational structure and the background of the prospects they talk to. Most inside sales teams use LinkedIn for this purpose and there are a number of great tools that will enable you to integrated this with your CRM – many can be found listed on the Salesforce AppExchange.


Congratulations! You made it through the Ultimate Guide to Inside Sales! Now you’re ready to build and strengthen your own inside sales team. Just remember to refer back to the recommendations documented in this guide from time to time as you develop your team and grow your business.


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