For your business to succeed, there must be a constant drive to improve sales skills and effectiveness through sales coaching. You must establish processes and a structure to your inside sales teams’ day to make it easy to plot their progress and improve their productivity over time.

On-boarding process

  • Create a curriculum for sales coaching based on the sales skills you want your inside sales team to acquire.
  • Set realistic expectations for when you anticipate your inside sales team to complete the program.
  • Orient all new-starters within the team and make sure that they understand who to go to for what.
  • Assign peer mentors for new starters. They will act as a confidant and a source for information about how things are done.
  • Review your sales process playbook with your team. Make sure they are comfortable with the way you sell and the stages involved.

Make sure to provide in-depth training and sales coaching on your products and services. Remember that your inside sales reps will be the first people with which your prospects interact. They need to understand what you sell and how to quickly communicate your key value proposition. At NewVoiceMedia we put all new SRs and EBRs through a rigorous sales coaching and on-boarding “boot camp” where they:

  • Learn about our products and services.
  • Practice communicating key product messages over the phone and through email.
  • Understand how to properly qualify new leads based on B.A.N.T (Budget, Authority, Need and Timing).
  • Learn our sales process and the day-to-day mechanics of using NewVoiceMedia’s ContactWorld and Salesforce to place calls, respond to inquiries and track leads.

People / Career Development

Your inside sales team development is an ongoing process. To get the most from your sales team, and every opportunity, constantly evaluate your team and consider deploying some of these tactics:

Lead interactive conversations around relevant topics, like competitive positioning and product features and benefits.

Implement “lunch and learn” sessions

Bring in leaders and subject matter experts to conduct educational sales coaching sessions

Invite outside sales representatives to present to your inside sales team

Invest in formal sales training

Always be quick to educate on new products and messaging

Ask staff during annual reviews to highlight key areas for improvement

Conduct career path planning with your sales team and help them achieve their goals

There should always be a next-step and a goal for your team members to accomplish and achieve. This will help provide constant motivation and push them to improve their technique and performance and ultimately deliver more value to your business.

Inside Sales Coaching

You should coach all of your inside sales team on a consistent basis. This is a key management task, and when conducted effectively will make a huge difference to your teams’ performance.

Monitor and participate in calls with your sales teams regularly, and make sales coaching an integral part of the company culture. At NewVoiceMedia, we use our own technology to track, monitor and report on key performance indicators (KPIs) across our sales operation. For example, supervisors can make simple notes against call recordings that link directly to the activities inside Salesforce. This simplifies the arduous task of finding good quality calls and improves the ramp time of SRs significantly.

Look to provide feedback to your inside sales team in as timely a fashion as possible. Try and coach regularly enough that calls are still fresh in their minds. Use your dashboard metrics and reports in conjunction with feedback from the sales rep to run tailored personal sessions that look to address key areas for improvement. Discuss training roadmaps, and demonstrate how they are going to progress and improve.

Help your team members to help themselves where possible. Show them where to find examples of best practices, and point out the go-to experts on the sales floor for particular challenges and topics.

Above all else, keep communicating with your team in an open and honest way about your commitment to their individual success, and be quick to point out progress and address development gaps.


Work with other areas of the business to create a consistent and thorough training program for all your new starters to help them learn your product and your processes as quickly as you can.

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